About Us

Geese Control


We specialize in humanely removing geese from client's properties without touching or injurying the bird at any point. We are fully insured and ensure that our client's are 100% satisfied!  We pride ourselves in our superior customer service and respecful and reliable work ethics! 

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Wildlife Control


Do you have raccoons, bats, beavers, snakes or other nuisance wildlife that you need to remove from your property? We can help!  

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Our Team


Our team comprises of highly trained border collies - Levi, Lotus, Stella and Ben. They are accompanied by their handlers who have undergone riguours training to safely and humanely erradicate geese from our client's property without ever touching or harming the geese and surrounding animals. 

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Did you know that each goose will leave behind approximately 1 lb. of exrement a day?


We are dedicated to helping to remove nusisance geese from our client's property!  

Our team services both waterways and land.